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You have just graduated ...
  • ...and are now looking for a job?
  • ...and want to apply for a masters’ degree program?
Our goal is helping students and recent graduates with their applications!
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Application Service

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Applications are not only stressful – Usually, there is a lot at stake, too...

Sad but true: People in HR often sort applications by their optical appearance. Other candidates are often discarded because their applications are not up to the latest standards regarding their content. We find that to be unfair: Should not experience, personality, and motivation count the most? It is too bad when an application fails due to such technicalities. 

That is why we established this application service. For us, this involves more than just editing: We research, design, phrase, correct, …and give you important advice:


How do I phrase my application? How should my CV and motivational letter look?


Your covering letter

Do you want to apply for a job or to university? Stop pondering – we come to your aid!

Your curriculum vitae

Do you need a professional CV that lives up to the latest standards visually and in regards to content?

Complete service for your documents

If you want two documents to be revised we offer you a discount as a thank-you.
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…Or do you need a correction of a term paper or thesis? Here is our easy procedure!
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